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Three New Ways to Read MM

Recognizing that you have your own taste, I have three ways you can access my newest work.

  1. Follow this link to my story "Spruce, Queen of Serpents" in the FALL 2022 issue of New Myths Magazine.

  2. Sign up for a Medium subscription and have immediate access to all of my random short essays on secrets of New York City, strange things in the world of writing or home, and public art - and/or -

  3. Subscribe to my weekly newsletter "This is Ridiculous" and get news of fiction and nonfiction and some random musings delivered to your inbox. Just click the link to sign up - it's free!

Also, it is possible to choose to pay for a really great story in After Dinner Conversation (there is a promotion at the time of this post allowing you to buy 3 issues for $1) -- there's no other way to read this one.

It's my newest published story, "The Heaven - The Earth," and it appears in the September 2022 issue. Here's the awesome cover!!

(Did you see my name in that list of male writers? I feel a little jazzed about that.)

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