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Books & Publications

Click the links on the bullet list below to access the complete list of published works by M. M. De Voe
and live links to works publicly available on the internet:

Seeking representation.

Let M. M. De Voe read to you. (recorded at a Brain/Child Mazazine gala in 2015)

M. M. De Voe elsewhere on the web​:
  • LOTS AND LOTS OF VIDEOS of M. M. De Voe interviewing other authors on YouTube during her 10 years co-hosting the Pen Parentis Literary Salons.

  • M. M. De Voe is the founding director of Pen Parentis, Ltd. a 501c3 literary nonprofit organization that provides resources to writers of all genres to help them stay on creative track after starting a family.  More about the organization.

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