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Hosting National Writer-Parent Discussion

March 3, 2021 - ONLINE

#AWP21 Writer-Parent Discussion Room         Kansas City, MO

Every year, MM De Voe hosts a national meetup of writer-parents at a large writing conference. This year, the guest speaker is a Fulbright Poet from the University of Georgia, discussing how writers can still participate in the Fulbright program if they have kids.


#AWP21 is virtual but was intended to be in Kansas City, Missouri. This event is one hour from 3pm - 4pm Central (4pm-5pm in NYC)

Forthcoming -

in the future...

March - April 2021  - ONLINE

Here's what's coming up:

  • Interviewed by Jen Hyde of NapChat podcast - air date TBA

  • Article in 360.com  - date TBA

  • Interview on "Bookish" with Andrew Cotto  - date TBA

  • Interview on "Life Lines the Books" with Marina Aris - date TBA

  • May 4th (Star Wars!) Presenting panel to Author's Guild, tune in 6pm Eastern

  • May 18, 2021   Writer's Corner Live Show  Tune in 11:30am Eastern time
    This international author interview show is co-hosted by Mary Jackson & Bridgetti Lim Banda from the Midwest & South Africa, respectively.

  • June 21, 2021  Winter Solstice Creativity Spa - time TBA. Join the ladies of Scribente Maternum in a rejuvenating Creativity Spa led by M. M. De Voe, specifically created to reconnect you to the creative person you were before you had kids.

AWP21 - Meet&Greet at Pen Parentis Bookfair Booth 

March 4-6, 2021    -  ONLINE

Meet & Greet at Pen Parentis Booth at #AWP21 which was scheduled for Kansas City, Missouri but is now virtual.  Drop by on Thursday and Friday between 2:30 - 4pm Central time and Saturday 2:30pm - 5pm Central Time. Various guest authors at the virtual “table” along with M. M. De Voe.

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