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Pen Parentis

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Pen Parentis

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Pen Parentis is a non-profit literary organization founded by M. M. De Voe to help parents finish their professional writing projects.

She wrote a book about it - part memoir, part encouraging guide, the book collects the experience of 300+ writers who passed through the Salons and is arranged from infant to grown-and-flown kids of writers and how to find your writing mojo and be productive at each stage of your parenting life.


Here's the link if you're curious. 

The second Tuesday of each month, M. M. DeVoe hosts the grant-winning Pen Parentis Literary Salons online with award-winning novelist, Christina Chiu. These online events are FREE and open to the public. Interested? See below for the upcoming Literary Salon sign-up link. 


DeVoe has run Q&A for more than 100 groups of these notable authors with various co-hosts:  discussing their life-work balance, performing short readings and talking writing craft.


Since the pandemic hit, these events have been on Zoom and an archive is available on YouTube.

Learn more about the organization and how to become involved at   Visit our annex at to explore and access resources for all writer-parents.

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