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If you like Kafka's short fiction, you'll love "A FLASH OF DARKNESS"...

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(author of Dog on Fire) and a thousand other things.

"M. M. De Voe gives you femme Kafka in A Flash of Darkness – but American style. 


"De Voe is especially brilliant on family life, and ends the book with a quirky story about a husband and what else? Horror."

(Crimson Screams)

“M. M. De Voe’s collection, A Flash of Darkness, showcases deviously decadent morsels à la Black Mirror. Despair, longing, and regret linger in these unnerving, provocative stories. Absolutely riveting - I read it in two sittings!”

"Whether it’s the sound of a ghost rattling a tree, a desperate sculptor’s work shattering, or a body hitting the floor, M.M. De Voe’s stories are the kind that go bump in the night."


"Cutting across multiple genres, the unsettling tales of Flash of Darkness offer the adventurous reader a frank exploration of the many ways that our humanity can be tested."

(author of Hollo


"De Voe entertains with witty dialogues and sharp prose, with stories that are wickedly fun and deeply cutting.


These stories dance across the page, inviting us into worlds that are slightly off-kilter but familiar and as creepy as a funhouse mirror.


There's sass and verve, but there is also a complexity to these characters and to their journeys that make them unforgettable.


De Voe knows how to tell a story, with narratives that thrive in dark comedy that dazzles."

(Pushcart winning poet

"The stories in MM DeVoe's debut collection unspool with their own surreal logic. They beam and bubble over with a singular strange, dark, and playful imagination. Through these distortions and surprises, they uncover and shine new light on so much that is both terrifying and true...


I have never read anything like this." 


(the author of Mermaids, and  so much more

"De Voe's daring and provocative short stories have a startling freshness that draws the reader into fascinating and fantastic worlds

Keeping a reader on one's toes is a balancing act which A Flash of Darkness does deftly with original and delightful prose.

De Voe quotes Margaret Atwood -- "What matters is how the art makes you feel." De Voe's work makes this reader feel alive!"

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