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Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Midwest Book Review just said: Now here is a review of a book that will be of particular and special interest to writers and their publishers...

Here's the full review: the bolded text is my own. Because, hey, I'm feeling bold.

"Critique: A unique and seminal DIY instructional for writers who are parents (and parents who aspire to become writers), "Book and Baby: The Complete Guide to Managing Chaos and Becoming A Wildly Successful Writer-Parent" must be considered a mandatory read.

A thoroughly comprehensive and 'user friendly' instructional manual in both organization and presentation, "Book and Baby" is especially and unreservedly recommended for professional, community, college and university library Writing/Publishing collections.

It should be noted for personal reading lists that "Book and Baby" is also readily available in a digital book format (Kindle, $3.99).

Synopsis: "Book and Baby: The Complete Guide to Managing Chaos and Becoming A Wildly Successful Writer-Parent" by author and parent Milda M. DeVoe is an inspiring, practical, and effective writing craft book that deftly addresses the various stages of parenthood and how a writing career can be affected at every stage.

Drawing on her personal experiences gleaned from ten years of running a literary nonprofit that helps writers stay on creative track after starting a family, Milda M. DeVoe (founder of Pen Parentis), put her Columbia MFA to good use in creating a fun, readable, helpful and inspiring instructional reference book for parents, caregivers and others who feel they lack the time needed to write.

"Book and Baby" shows how aspiring writers who are also committed parents : How to write in short spaces of time; How to make time out of no time; Provide guidance for nurturing a writing career along with children. Additionally, "Book and Baby" will inspire parents who want to be writers with true-life stories drawn from an archive of interviews with serious, professional and even bestselling writers (all who have kids) and introduce resources that will keep those parents writing.

Editorial Note: Milda M. DeVoe earned her MFA at Columbia University as a Writing Fellow under Michael Cunningham and Helen Schulman. Her explorations of identity through creative writing have brought her to publish in nearly every genre: literary fiction, poetry, science fiction, urban fantasy, horror, even musical theater. She has won or been a finalist for more than 20 writing awards. She won her first grant for Pen Parentis from NYC's Department of Cultural Affairs in 2009 and remains its founding director."

Of note to YOU, my friends? This is the first-ever official in-print review I have ever gotten in my life.

I'm on the side of joy today.

If you wish to purchase this critically-acclaimed, "unique and seminal DIY instructional" book, could you do it through this link? This is the link that will send you to buy my book in Bookshop - a website that donates to nonprofits (purchase of my book contributes to Pen Parentis). The website allows you to make purchases through YOUR LOCAL brick-and-mortar stores. There can be magic in the world, you just need to know where to look.

See below gallery for shots of my book in the wild:

Easter egg: see below Instagram post by June Gervais, the illustrator of this book:

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