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Look who's writing nonfiction!

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

I'm just as shocked as you are. But there it is: I have been publishing posts on Medium since mid 2020 which frequently get picked up in bigger Medium accounts (one about public art was quite popular). You can follow my Medium to read my occasional reviews of NYC events, my musings on Covid and travel and other fancy stuff. Or if you like things more conversational, add yourself to my Substack mailing list. and a new post will arrive in your inbox every week on Sunday at noon ET. The blog is called This Is Ridiculous generally is. Oh, and then sometimes some editor emails me to ask if they can publish the post on their huge nationally known website. For example: this one about pen names and how they can kill you.

While you're here, enjoy my newest piece - an essay in Mutha Magazine about being a bilingual parent. Lots of photos of Lithuanian food!

(image from Unsplash by @cdd20)

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