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Get to know me

Hello stranger, here are some good ways to get to know me better:

I'm on pretty much every social media, a different facet on each one.

Pick your poison:

  • Business me? I run a nonprofit and you can follow my professional posts on my Linked In site.

  • Writerly me? I post a weekly blog announcing my recent writing news and jotting my thoughts about random things I find ridiculous. It's called "This is Ridiculous." If that made you giggle you'll like my blog. Sign up here. This is the best way to find out about upcoming events. It comes out Sundays at noon.

  • Essays your thing? I post an occasional essay, usually about art or a museum or some Broadway show I have seen, sometimes I review things, sometimes I just wax poetic. On occasion I wax flash fiction. That's all found on my Medium.

  • The me of the moment? I'm prolific on Twitter. Yes. I do still call it Twitter. We all do. Follow me here.

  • Artist me? I post every few days on my Facebook author page. People really like my photographs of New York City and various events or things I see around town. Check that out here.

  • Professional me? Follow @PenParentis on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. I'm on them all.

  • The real me? I'm an amalgam of all these things, plus this website, plus an awful lot of public appearances. If you really want to get to know me, you have to follow them all. If that's too much for you, well, we can still have fun together. Pick any one or two or several. Maybe I'll see you in person at an event. That's fun too.

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