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How to make MM blush

You know I don't blush easily. I live in Manhattan and have seen my share of strange and interesting things. Passersby mutter compliments (usually hoping for a handout or a date) and in general, living in a big city makes you slightly suspicious of compliments.

But oh this new review of Book & Baby. She notes that all writers have a list of favorite books about writing, and then adds BOOK & BABY to the top of her list!

My favorite part is that she admits her kids are grown-and-flown, but says that my book is so full of good advice...

...that any writer—at whatever stage of their life—can benefit


(if you are a first-time visitor to my webstie, here's the link to the book on Bookshop, judge for yourself)

In other news: DailyMom also recommended the book in their post: "Grab 1 (or 10) of these Books You Should Buy Right Now!" -- so you know, it's not just me.

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