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"Book & Baby" placed first in the writing/publishing category of the 2021 Indie Awards!

See what others have said & make your own decisions!

Amazing Reviews - !!

MidWest Book Review

"A thoroughly comprehensive and 'user friendly' instructional manual in both organization and presentation, "Book and Baby" is especially and unreservedly recommended"

Paul Conley

"I can't say enough good things about it. Buy it. Read it. Then write your own book."

Writers on the Move

"Most professional writers have a list of their favorite books about writing.
Here’s a new book that’s going at the top of my list."

Patty Dann

"fascinating stories about getting through the days… and nights in the ever-changing dance of raising children and the quest to be creative on the page"

Caroline M Grant

"I have been writing while parenting for nearly 20 years, spent 10 of those years editing a website devoted to the topic, and I still learned a few things."


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Book & Baby in the wild

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book on another table
Book in Bed
book with oranges
book by Patty Dann
ebook at xmas
holding book in the city
book in alabama
book in California
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