Where to begin?

Honestly, this is such an exciting month for me.  I got interviewed about my work with Pen Parentis and about writing while parenting by a terrific podcast called The Narrative Social Club. Kate Pigott asked great questions and did a bang-up editing job so I don't sound like a gushing maniac. Well, I still sort of do, but that's because I'm talking about things that I'm passionate about: staying creative, handing out fellowships, helping others keep writing, and not least, genius writers who make it happen (I'm talking to you, Sean Ferrell). Have a listen to Episode Three. I share the podcast with a former curator, Brian Gresko, who edited a terrific anthology of father-writers--many of whom have appeared on the Pen Parentis stage!

But that's not all - I also got word that a flash piece of mine was accepted by Daily Science Fiction. As you probably have guessed, I'm looking for my voice. I'm writing pretty much everything: literary, fantasy, sci-fi, horror. I have no idea what is best for me. I just love to write. The exciting thing about DSF is that they pay really well and are a professional market that allows for points toward eventual membership in a Science Fiction writers guild. Cool stuff. I'll post a link when the piece gets published. It's funny. No really - it's funny!!

Fun news that really isn't an accomplishment, but maybe it is. My name is in the New York Times because the literary salon I run was listed in their Spare Times section--it's lovely to see your name in newsprint. Just lovely. Want a peek? Click this link to the listing and scroll down until you see Fantasy Salon. Or just have a look at the screenshot here

That's all. It's a lot. I'm happy. Hope you are having a bountiful spring!