Daily Science Fiction and a video

I have to say that I am really enjoying every second of interacting with genre publications. Is it just that they pay so well? That they give you a response within days and sometimes hours? Or is it the meticulous and delighted editing that they do once they accept a story? In any event, I love them. 

Daily Science Fiction bought a funny bit of flash that I wrote -- "Seven Reasons Why You May Not Have a Rhinocerous as a Pet." Give it a read! 

I'm spending all of my spare time this summer working on Pen Parentis, because now that we have our 501c3, I get to write grants. And learn how to crowdfund. And so forth. 

I also learned how to produce a film: you just have to hire the right director. In this case, my 12 yr old son. Check out this super-short video that explains what we do at Pen Parentis.

Also? Feel free to donate to the cause. It's tax-deductible and I will be eternally grateful to you.