They'll know me in Oz

Thrilled to have been chosen for inclusion in a stunning art-driven anthology called The Lane of Unusual Traders (click to see the art that drove the writing). Published by Tiny Owl Workshop which is known for such incredibly diverse projects as printing flash-fiction on cocktail napkins, and projecting a story on a Brisbane skyskraper, I don't know what to expect from the look of the final anthology--but I know it will be visually staggering--and I'm thrilled that it will be my first published piece in Australia! 

I own Lot 2, "Orran's Music Emporium." You'll have to read the anthology to discover what nefarious dealings happen in the shop. Here's a link to the list of the other flash-fiction pieces that are to be included in the project, longer fiction pieces still to be announced. I can not wait to see the finished book! 

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